Pink Rainbow Wrap

Pink Rainbow Wrap


An all day Hug that gives back to the “Touched Out” mama!

Our BelleBind Wrap utilizes the traditional Malaysian form of the Bengkung belly bind, that has been trusted to support the woman in her postpartum period for centuries. The Bengkung belly wrap encourages the body to reconnect without as much slip and slide of the connections.


Brings the hips, ribs, and abdominal walls back together while supporting the back and reconditioning the pelvic floor.

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How To Wear

For optimal results, we recommend wearing the BelleBind Bengkung Wrap for a minimum of 13-38 hours at a time for 6 weeks, beginning at day 3-5 post-delivery.

The ideal fit for your BelleBind Bengkung Wrap should be snug, with constant pressure on the hips, belly and ribs - but without any impact on breathing or circulation, this is NOT a corset. (If discomfort occurs, remove the wrap and re-wrap looser if discomfort still persists consult your healthcare provider.)

Note: The first time you wrap yourself, you may have to . That’s ok. You want to have the length of the Velcro® closure available so you can keep tightening your wrap as you recover and size down.

Specifications + Care


100% Gauze Cotton

This bengkung bind is individually created using an ice dyeing technique. Due to the nature of hand dyeing, each bind varies somewhat and is truly unique.

Product Adjustability



Machine Washable (recommend using garment bag in wash) Wash alone Do not bleach Lay flat to dry